The women’s bars were an essential part of lesbian communities in the Bay Area.  For many lesbians, bars offered a space to feel at home, to socialize and to develop a sense of community.  Maud’s bar, which opened in 1966, found itself the home of an emerging generation of women who developed their own lesbian style.

Maud’s staff and friends formed a group called the“Pussies” that performed at anniversary parties, holidays, and other events. Here they appear in their country western best as "Pussies on the Prairie" (1982).

Photo of Maud's softball team and Maud's patrons after playing each other in a rollicking post season game in 1976 (Rikki Streicher, front row, in overalls and cap, holding the bat).

Maud’s celebrated lots of events over the years, including this graduation party for one of their customers.

A contingent from Maud’s bar marches in the San Francisco gay pride parade, 1979.

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